Jump into Boston's best multi-room escape experiences! Use your wits to escape the subterranean lair of a evil villain, or flee from a fearsome killer's remote cabin hideout. 

Escaping will rely on your team's ability to communicate, work together and problem solve. Room escapes are a great team-building exercise, as well as a fun day out with friends & family or for a hands-on birthday party!



Our rooms have different scenarios, difficulties and recommended ages. We accept players of any age, this is just a suggestion based on room content and difficulty. All our room escapes are 1 hour long and private by default.


A mysterious tip had led you to the subterranean bunker of your sworn enemy - Dr. Boom. 

The fate of the world rests on you and your team foiling his devious plan, but venturing inside will almost definitely be a trap. Will you be able to outwit your enemy and escape with his plans?

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NEW! Online Escape Game


The Nebula, a deep-space research station, is under threat from a cluster of incoming asteroids. Your team must remotely access the station and move it, before it's too late.

In our first virtual online escape game, your team will take on this challenge, all from your computers at home!


A string of disappearances have plagued a sleepy mountain town, with the locals whispering of witchcraft and rituals.

Your team has formed the task force in charge of tracking down the victims and after a long search, you set up camp and try to get some sleep. Only when you wake up does the nightmare truly begin. 


We are partnered with Archery Games and Boston Playground, all located here in the same building! Challenge your friends and family to a game of combat archery, or if you're looking for somewhere to take the little ones while you play, you can drop them off here at our very own indoor playground!

Want to take on a room escape and play combat archery for a day of brains & brawn? Take advantage of our same day deal! After you complete your room escape, you can sign up for a game of combat archery at the reduced price of $22/per player.

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We have a shared entrance with the Dollar General & plenty of free parking.


Mon - Fri: 4pm - 8pm

Saturday: 11am - 8pm

Sunday: 11am - 6pm

Private events are available outside these hours.

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